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This week for our preschool Bible theme, we started to learn about the Armor of God! Because of this, I just had to make an Armor of God printable and I’d love to share it with you for FREE!

The Armour of God is such a fun topic to learn about. In fact, kids love anything to do with swords, shields and soldiers. Or at least mine do!

Not only that, but it’s the perfect time to bring up topics like identity, truth, integrity, mental health and more. Topics like these might seem like heavy topics for a child but in all honesty, our kids start to experience situations where these things come into play early in life.

Additionally, learning about the armour of God can equip our children to make the right choices and to be confident about who they are in Christ.

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Printables are paper products and because of this, I recommend printing these files on printer paper or cardstock and laminating them for durability and multiple uses. After you do that, add velcro dots to the backs of any loose pieces to make them stick and prevent them from getting lost!

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