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DIY Counting Game for Preschoolers

Do you have a preschooler who is learning to count? If your answer is yes, then this DIY counting game for preschoolers is perfect for them!

I order A LOT from Amazon, so I always have boxes lying around waiting to be turned into something AMAZING! And because my daughter is learning his numbers I thought, why not make her a counting station?

With this activity, you can focus on learning to count OR easily take it a step further and teach addition and subtraction!

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Here’s what you’ll need:

Step One

First, I started by drawing an outline of my child’s hands onto a piece of felt. Once I drew both hands,, I cut them out with scissors.

Step Two

After this, I cut out two circles that were a tad bit larger than the hands. I used a different colour of felt this time.

Step Three

Next, I glued the hands onto the circle pieces and then those pieces onto the box.

Step Four

For this next step, I wanted to create a pocket where my son could drop pom poms into for counting. We have a bunch of empty fruit cups under the cupboard for craft purposes and a fruit cup ended up being the perfect size for this.

I made an outline of the smaller end of the cup onto the box and cut that circle out. After this, I opened the box and glued the fruit cup to the underneath of the box flap.

Step Five

Once that was done, I used the cutout circle to create a platform for the numbers.

Step Six

Next, I made the numbers. I started by cutting out 2 sizes of circles from two different coloured pieces of felt. Next, I glued these circles together along with a number on the top to look like a token.

Step Seven

The last thing I had to do was to add velcro dots! We LOVE velcro dots! I added 10 of the hook-sided velcro dots to the fingers and 10 to the back of the tokens. I also placed one of the soft-sided velcro dots on the cardboard circle that I glued beside the hole.

Step Eight

Play and learn!

I really hope your child has fun learning and playing with this DIY Preschool counting activity. Check out this video to see how we played!


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