DIY Interactive Lung Model

My son has been LOVING to learn about science. Mind you, he’s only three years old but he’s been super excited to learn about human anatomy. This past week we made a DIY Interactive Lung Model that I want to share with you!

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Because we homeschool, I let him pretty much choose what he wants to learn when it comes to “extra” subjects. And by extra subjects, I mean Science, Music, Geography etc. Every Wednesday, he gets to choose between those subjects and we do something fun!

If you’ve been around here before you’ll know that you can find all kinds of fun printable learning resources for kids in our shop. This week, my son chose to work on our “human anatomy: organs” puzzle.

After we completed this puzzle a couple of times, I surprised him with this super fun DIY interactive lung model activity.

And boy did he love it!

If you want to make this DIY interactive lung model, here’s what you’ll need:


How to Assemble the DIY Interactive Lung Model

This video shows step by step how I assembled our DIY interactive long model.

Step 1

Step 1 in creating our DIY interactive lung model is to make the base. To do this, fold a piece of construction paper in half lengthwise. Once your paper is folded, cut your sheet in the shape of a lung. You should end up with two equal-sized shapes.

Step 2

Next, cut out a trachea shape. Use this shape to connect both lungs together.

Step 3

After this comes the fun part. Once your lungs are all assembled, take two bendy straws and place them beside each other so that the bands are facing away. Following this, take some tape and join them together.

Step 4

Next, tape the joined straws down onto the lungs so that each bend covers one lung.

Step 5

Once the straw is attached to the lung model, it comes time to add the plastic baggies. To do this, take a sandwich bag and cut off the top part. When you’ve done that, place the bags over each end of the bendy straw so that the bags cover each lung. Lastly, scrunch up the bag along the opening and wrap some tape around so that the bag attaches to the straw and there are no openings.

Step 6

Finally, it’s time to test out our lung model! You can do this by having your child breathe into the tops of the straws and breath out. If done correctly, the bags should inflate and deflate mimicking real lungs.

This activity is not only fun and easy to make but it’s a great way to get your child excited about science!

Some other great tools are our Human Anatomy printable puzzles! You can check out this FREE sample (pictured below) here OR you can check out our full Human Anatomy bundle which features 9 amazing and fun puzzles your child will LOVE!

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