FREE Easter Story Coloring Pages

It’s almost Easter, one of our favourite times of the year! To celebrate I am releasing these FREE Easter Story Coloring Pages.

Although I make it a point to disciple my children daily, I love Easter’s unity. Everyone is looking at Jesus and His death and resurrection. It’s also the perfect time to turn our children’s gaze in that direction.

I’ve loved using my Easter story cards with my little ones and I’ve also loved seeing others use them with their little ones. They help tell the story of Easter with super cute illustrations and matching scriptures. Since they’ve been such a hit, I’ve decided to turn them into colouring pages to use alongside the story cards.

If you haven’t snagged the story cards yet, here they are! This product comes with 8 story cards that tell the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry to His resurrection from the dead.

My favourite way to use these cards is to read one a day on the eight days leading up to Easter. Now you can do the same but also add a colouring page activity each day! This PDF includes a colouring page version of each card illustration.

You can also pair these two activities with watching Superbook! My son has been requesting to watch the Easter episode every night and we have been watching it as a family! Having your child come to understand the true meaning of Easter is truly priceless. This is why I am so excited to share these resources with you and your little learners.

You can watch the episode of Superbook on youtube here:

To download the FREEBIE

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