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Free “My Body Parts” Printable

Today, I’m super excited to share this Free “My Body Parts” printable with you! As a matter of fact, this printable is a sample of my Human Anatomy Activity Bundle!

If you have kids or teach kids you know that children are curious about everything! An example would be how interest take in their own bodies even before they start to speak. Kids want to know why what and how about the way their bodies work. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure we give them the opportunity to learn everything they need to know without shame.

Teaching children about the body is important for many reasons like giving them a general understanding of bodily functions. In addition to that, it can also help the child to develop confidence and an appreciation for their own body. Lastly, it opens up the floor for any questions they may have about their bodies or the bodies of those that surround them.

What is Included:

This printable comes with:

  • 2 Characters Sheets
  • 1 Sheet ofheet of colour-coded words.

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The package above is completely FREE, but you can also grab this human anatomy activity bundle (pictured below) that includes this printable and 8 other super fun puzzles that will introduce your child to more of the amazing human body!

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Printables bring so much fun and learning to homes, for that reason I recommend printing these files on printer paper or cardstock. Doing so ensures durability and quality. After you do that, add velcro dots to the backs of any loose pieces to make them stick and prevent them from getting lost!

Below are products I use every day to create printables like this. I highly recommend each of these products:

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