Free Printable Dinosaur Colouring Pages

Hey friends! I am back today with another awesome FREEBIE! These FREE printable dinosaur colouring pages are perfect for your dino-loving littles!

I’ll admit, before becoming a mom I knew almost nothing compared to what I know now about dinosaurs. I think the extent of my knowledge was T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and that’s about it. But how many of you know that motherhood/fatherhood teaches you many things you’d never thought you learned?

At one point in time, dinosaurs were my son’s love language. If it had something to do with dinosaurs, you would probably find him there. I am always impressed when he knows exactly what kind of dinosaur he looking at. Whether it’s a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore or when he says super hard dinosaur names like parasaurolophus.

If your child loves dinos just as much as my son, these free printable dinosaur colouring pages are awesome to keep on hand and are sure to keep your little paleontologists busy.

What You Need

  • Dinosaur Coloring pages (see below)
  • Printer
  • Colouring tools

To enjoy these colouring pages you’ll only need a few things. First is the freebie which you can get with the form down below. After this you’ll need to make sure you have a printer or access to a printer. Our favourite printer to use is the Canon all-in-one printer. I think it’s a great price for all the functions you get to use.

Now comes the fun part: Colouring! I always find that when I buy regular markers or crayons they end up lost and broken within a short amount of time. But these twistable crayons below from Crayola are a game changer. They definitely last longer around my house than other colouring tools.

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To download the FREEBIE

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Next, just print and give your child some crayons or markers and let them go to town! They’ll have a blast making these awesome dinosaurs come to life with colour!

I hope your kiddos like this activity! Please don’t forget to share your pictures with me @littlelionsacademy_ on Instagram! I love to see your little ones enjoying my activities, crafts and printables! When I do, I feel super encouraged to keep sharing these with you!

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