FREE Printable Scissors Skills Haircut Worksheets

Hey friends, I’m back with another fun activity to keep your little learners busy! Today’s FREE Printable Scissors Skills Haircut Worksheets are not only great for practicing scissor skills. They are also a fun way to pretend play a day at the salon!

Do you ever have those days where you just have to get a lot done but your children have other plans? The other day I had a huge deadline to meet at work. Because I work from home most days, it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to focus.

I’ll admit, sometimes the easiest thing to do is to turn on the TV and let them get some screen time in. But I often forget about this secret weapon: scissor skills!

It’s amazing how as soon as I whip out the scissors (child safe) and a worksheet, my house becomes so quiet. I immediately have at least 15-30 minutes of uninterrupted focus to myself.

Practicing scissor skills are beneficial for children in many ways:

  • Fine motor skills (separation of hand, finger dexterity)
  • Bilateral coordination skills (two-handed coordination)
  • Visual perceptual tasks
  • Promotes grasp pattern
  • Focus and attention
  • Visual-motor skills (hand-eye coordination)
  • Strengthening hand muscles

Now, I know some of you may feel a little nervous about letting your child play with scissors. My oldest is a pro at 4 years old but he has been practicing since he was 2. So he uses child-safe scissors with metal blades. BUT my 2-year-old is just starting, so we use plastic blades with her. We love these from amazon. They are just sharp enough to cut through paper but not enough to hurt her if she gets her fingers in the way.

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Next, just print and give your child some safety scissors and let them have a go! It may be tempting to jump in when they are having trouble but encourage them to give it a try! Let them be the ones to ask for help if they really need it.

I hope your kiddos like this activity! Please don’t forget to share your pictures with me @littlelionsacademy_ on Instagram! I love to see your little ones enjoying my activities, crafts and printables! When I do, I feel super encouraged to keep sharing these with you!

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