Positive Affirmations for Kids

If you’ve ever read the love languages book, you may be familiar with how important affirming a person can be. Making positive affirmations for kids a part of your child’s daily life is crucial.

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The Importance of Affirmation

When we as adults receive affirmation, it impacts our mind and soul like nothing else. Affirmations are truths about ourselves that don’t change even when our circumstances make us feel like they have. When we teach our children these truths from a young age, we set them up for success. 

Children, like us, need to hear constant affirmation. It is key to building confidence, motivation, self-love and a strong mind. Everything they do now and will do in the future is out of the overflow of who they believe themselves to be. As parents, we can make that the overflow comes from a place of them knowing that they are loved, valued and important.

Here are 15 Positive Affirmations for Kids that you can teach your child every day.

I am Brave

Bravery is something we can all access. Teaching your child that they are brave doesn’t mean that they will never experience fear. What it does mean is that even when they feel scared they can choose to face whatever it is that’s in front of them and overcome it.

I Have Great Ideas

Children need to know that their mind is full of great ideas. They have the ability to create and dream big. As parent’s, it’s important that we encourage them and help them to process the ideas they have. Doing this will help them to know that whenever they have an idea, they have a safe place to reveal it and a support system to help them bring it to life. 

I Am Strong

Sometimes our idea of strength can be very limited. Teaching our children that they are strong means so much more than never being weak. We need to teach our children that it takes strength to love and to be kind when others choose not to. It takes strength to take the high road and befriend that “least popular” kid in class. To be strong is to feed your body the right things and to fill your mind with good things. 

I Have a Great Imagination

Most of us probably have memories of the different things we used to play as a child. At one point in life, we were all dinosaurs, royalty, police officers, animals, etc. Now as parents, we get front row seats into our children’s imagination. It’s important to encourage imaginative play at this stage. Let them play and be little and let them know that it’s good!

I am Kind

Kindness is something that we should always be working towards. For a child, it’s important that they know that they have kindness in them. Every day, they have the choice to live out kindness or not. Teach them throughout the day that they are kind and how they can show that kindness to the world in every situation.

I Have Joy

Joy and happiness are two words that hold similiarites but mean two different things. In life, we will experience sadness, loss and disappointment and this is where joy comes in. We belivee that oy is something that is deep inside us and iis something we can access at any time. Our joy is rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ. Because of this, no matter what comes our way, our joy is secure. We as a family know that although circumstances may change, our joy remains the same. Happiness comes and goes, but joy always remains.

I Am Important

When a child knows that they are important to someone, it makes all the difference. Many of us can already imagine what it’s like to feel insignificant and how that impacts our daily life. Teaching our children that they are important is key to their success in life.

I Have Much to Offer

“Comparison is the theif of joy” is a very well known quote and if you really think about it, it’s true. Children begin to experience comparison very young and if it’s not addressed it becomes part of their daily life. Teaching our children that we each have something to offer will help them to see that even though what we can offer is different from someone else, it’s still valuable and needed.

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

Theodore Roosevelt

My Voice Matters

Something we work very hard on in my household is to give our children a voice. While teaching them discipline, responsibility and order is not a bad thing, it’s also important to teach them that their voice matters. As parents, it’s possible to hold our boundaries and still allow them to voice their opinions respectfully. What they think and feel is much more important than us proving to them who is boss.

I Am Creative

Inspiring creativity in your child no matter what their passion is very useful for teaching them to think outside the box. 

I Am Loving

This world needs more love! Encouraging our children to be confident in love will only help to bring more love into the world!

I Am Never Alone

One of the most important truths to teach our children is that they are never alone. Not only this but to reach out when they feel loneliness creep in. The best way to show them this is to be there for them always.

I Am Smart

A lot of the time, when children don’t work well in subjects like math and science they are made to feel that they are not smart. But the truth is that being smart is so much more than knowing those things. Kids should be made to feel smart no matter what they are excellent at.

I Am Known and Loved

Tim Keller summarizes this point perfectly in this quote: “To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial. To be known and not loved is our greatest fear. But to be fully known and truly loved is, well, a lot like being loved by God. It is what we need more than anything. It liberates us from pretence, humbles us out of our self-righteousness, and fortifies us for any difficulty life can throw at us.” Tim Keller

I Can Do Great Things

At their young age, our children dream so big. They believe that they can change the world. What’s to stop them? Our words can. Imagine all the things your child can do and encourage them to reach for the sky! They can do so many great things!

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