Taste-Safe Mud Sensory Play

Sensory play is one of our favourite types of play! There is so much you can do and learn with a sensory bin. This taste-safe mud sensory play is a must-try with your kiddos!

As a child, I wasn’t fond of worms. So, playing with mud was never appealing to me. My child however is interested in all things creepy crawly! But I honestly don’t have the guts to oversee play that might include a worm. So, instead of doing real mud play, I decided to go with nice indoor taste-safe mud instead. And in my opinion, i’s just as fun!

If you want to try this taste safe mud sensory play, here’s what you’ll need:

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Yup, that’s it! And making is super simple too.

Taste Safe Mud Sensory Play


  • 2 Cups Cornstarch
  • 1 1/4 Cup Water
  • Brown Food Coloring (OR 1/4 Cup cacao powder)


  1. Place your cornstarch in a bowl and mix with water. Consistency should be thick and hard to mix.
  2. Add a few drops of food colouring to your mixture and agitate until the oobleck turns brown
  3. If you are using cacao powder instead, mix the cacao powder in with your cornstarch first before mixing with water. Add more water if it becomes too thick.
What is Oobleck?

Oobleck is a substance that can mimic the qualities of a liquid or a solid. These types of substances are also known as Non-Newtonian Fluids. You can read more about Oobleck here.

For this sensory bin, we created an Animal Rescue Scenario where we had to rescue animals from the mud (chocolate Oobleck). Once the animals were rescued, we had to wash the mud off in the animal bath. The kids played for over an hour! There was definitely a mess so I highly recommend laying down a cloth or a plastic table cloth.

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