The Importance of Routines for Children

I love a good routine. In fact, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel good following one. This is especially true for children. Routines are essential for children for many reasons. The importance of routines for children isn’t stressed enough. So, today we will be diving into a few reasons why every child should have a daily routine.

Routines Reduce Anxiety

The anxiety that comes with the unknown is familiar to many. Many times, transitions are the main culprit behind the tantrums our children have. Big emotions surface with just about any transition. In these cases, preparation is key.

With a routine, over time kids know what to expect. This in turn prevents any anxious feelings that could follow otherwise. When a child knows what to expect, a transition becomes easier to deal with.

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They Foster Independence

Another reason why routines are important for children is that they foster independence. When a child knows what comes next, they can easily take initiative to begin tasks or complete tasks on their own. 

Soon you won’t need to direct them on what to do next, they will look for what to do independently. 

It may take some time, but over time you will see the fruit of it especially when you marry routine with a Montessori approach to learning.

Routines Help to Develop Self-Regulation

The most challenging part of being a mom has been teaching self-regulation to my children. If it is difficult for us as adults to regulate ourselves when we have big emotions, imagine how hard it is for a small child. 

Routines actually help to develop self-regulation in children because routines give a sense of order and organization. These skills help children to feel in control which can then translate over to emotional regulation.


Another reason why routines are important for children is because they offer stability. 

This point kind of goes in hand with the first point. Knowing what comes next is essential for kids. And having a routine that gives them that will make it easier for life’s bigger transitions like starting school, moving away from friends or even a divorce.

Even when these circumstances that feel very unstable happen, they can always fall back on their routine which feels familiar and in turn gives them a safe space to cope.

Learning New Skills

Learning various skills is an exciting part of growing up. A routine will help your child to learn essential skills like how to take care of themselves and their belongings and also how to be helpful around the house. 

Many are surprised by how much kids love helping around the house. Children love to be helpful and feel needed. This is the perfect opportunity to nurture that within them and let it grow!

Routines prepare them for the Future

Finally, a good routine will only set our children up for success in the future. When they set off on their own, get their first apartment, start relationships, or go to university, they will need the skills that routines provide.

Trust me, your kids will thank you for helping them learn organizational skills, love for nature, how to make a meal, keep clean, etc…

Check out a daily routine example for toddlers and a freebie to make your own!

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