The ABCs of Black History

Although we celebrate black history month every year, it truly isn’t confined to just one month. We should be learning about these beautiful, talented, amazing, history-making people daily. What better way to introduce your preschool or elementary school-aged child to these amazing human beings than with the ABCs of Black History!

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With all that has happened over the past year, I realized that as a non-black parent, I can’t be complacent when it comes to teaching my children about Black History. And although I can never truly understand what it is to live the black experience, I can educate myself and educate my children. There are so many things I should have known but didn’t know until this past year and I can’t let my children grow up in the same ignorance.

This resource will take your child through the ABCs of Black Historical Figures who helped shaped the world we live in today. They’ll discover that a lot of what we have today, we have the black community to thank for.

I want to make it clear that I will never profit off this resource. It will always be available for free. The purpose is to inspire others to learn this story and to start teaching their little ones in hope of creating a better tomorrow.

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All that being said, even though this resource is free please take a look at these excellent resources below from Black creators that I would love for you to support monetarily. Also please comment down below your favourite Black artists, influencers, business owners etc… And spam their pages!

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Historical Black Figures Flash Cards by Theresa Sutton

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Children’s Books by Vashti Harrison

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