A is for Apple Printable

Learning letters is so much fun! And when your child is a kinesthetic learner there’s no better way to teach than to make the lesson a game! This A is for Apple activity printable was so much fun, my son asks to play it all the time.

Because we love it so much, I’d love to share it with you for FREE!

*What You’ll Need*

  • A is for Apple Activity Printable
  • scissors
  • Small Baskets

How to Play

These games are simple and straightforward and so much fun!

Apple Scavenger Hunt

First, take your cut-out apples and hide them around the house. When you’re done hiding them, have your child search around the house with a basket to find all the apples.

Once all the apples are found, count how many uppercase A apples they found as well as how many lowercase apples they found.

Apple Picking Game

To play this apple picking game, make a tree out of construction paper and tape it to the wall. Next, add some velcro dots to the back of each apple and onto the tree and have your child pick the apples.

Even though the previous way is super fun, you can also make it more of a challenge by having them sort the apples into two separate baskets.

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